Poor People Problems

Poverty has it's own unique problems.  Some are devastating, some are annoying, some are kinda funny...

#PoorPeopleProblems    #ItSucksToBeBroke 

  1. Your internet is shut off 6 days after starting a blog about being poor.
  2. Not having enough gas to go get gas.
  3. Stuffing extra blankets and foam you found in the dumpster under your couch cushions because the springs are gone or dieing.
  4. Walking around with a wet ass because you ran out of toilet paper and had to use baby wipes instead.
  5. Having to put your children on those "charity Christmas gift" lists.  
  6. Your kids only get clearance, refurbished, or out of date toys for Christmas. 
  7. Finding sticks and stems in your generic canned vegetables.
  8. You won a $10 gas card... but have no vehicle.
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  10. You woke up excited because someone got evicted and you want to be the first to dig through the dumpster after they're gone.
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  12. Telling people you're a vegan because you can't afford eggs or milk this month.
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  14. It's hard to be a strong confident single parent when you have to beg for money to pay bills. 
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  17. When Goodwill runs out of shopping carts because yellow tags are only 35¢ that day.
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  22. Having to use shampoo in the washing machine. 
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  26. It's hard to look cool while dumpster diving.
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  31. What looks 'shabby-chic' in a $400,000 house, looks like duct-tape and curbside finds in your house.
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  35. Having to put things back at the Dollar Store.

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