Food Hacks

It's 11 days until your SNAP benefits but your son needs cupcakes for his classroom... you're out of eggs.  Or it's 3 days until payday, you need an onion for dinner and there is none to be found in that stringy net bag that perpetually hangs in the cellar stairway.  Are you screwed?  Nope. 

We've been poor long enough to know the tips and tricks and substitutes.  Here are some that we've used.


1 cup granulated sugar + 1 tablespoon molasses + 5 minutes of stirring/fluffing with a fork = Brown Sugar

If you don't have molasses, skip it.  You can use plain sugar to replace brown sugar in any recipe, but you might find the flavor of your finished baked goods and sauces just a tad less rich tasting.

**Also, if you have brown sugar, but it's become a brick, don't toss it.  All it needs is moisture.  Click HERE for answers. **

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