Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Justin Works for $-17 per month

Justin has been working part time for a few months.  When he started, our rent was tripled.  We thought that was the end of the fall-out and decided that it was still worth it for him to work.

Welfare decided to re-assess us because of this.  He's averaging $190 per week (IF he doesn't get downsized for the week, which often happens).  It's true that he has the potential to earn almost $800/month... however that NEVER happens.  We can usually count on $600 in an average month (where he may be downsized 3-4 days).  It's true that he can sometimes earn more, but those times are RARE and it always goes towards back-due loans/bills.

Now, if you remember from previous posts on this, Justin has to live 50+ miles away from home for 3-4 days each week (staying with family) just to have this temp job.

When they raised our rent, we had to have a serious family pow-wow about whether the very little income was worth the time away and the risk of driving to and home in the winter.  We want out of public housing, so we figured it was best for him to work.  

The Dept. of Public Welfare re-assessed our finances a week before Thanksgiving.  Justin's $600 per month means that we make too much money.

We lost our insurance and half of our SNAP benefits.  

So, let's tally:

Justin usually brings in $600 per month.

We lost: $278 in rent subsidy, $339 in food stamps, and insurance for 3 people.

600 - 278 - 339 = $-17

He's working so that we can lose money and insurance. 

I just want to cancel Christmas.  I have no idea how we're going to buy presents or cook dinner.  Screw the holiday, I have no idea how we're going to wipe our butts.