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Stacey & Justin - Family of 4 living in a cramped apartment in northwestern Pennsylvania.  Stacey (34) wants to finish her Bachelors degree and find a government job that supports her family.  In reality, she is a SAHM and full-time blogger.  Justin (24) wants to finish his degree in Psychology & Social Work so that he can work with teens in crisis.  Instead, he takes any temp work that comes his way, knowing that next week, the agency might not call.  'The Boy' (11) is a special needs child on disability for multiple disorders including Autism.  'The Girl' (11mo) was a surprise and is a fiery handful most days. 

Mergatroid & Lovebug - Mergatroid (46) was a hard working woman who loved her job until she had a heart-attack in 2001.  She was forced into disability and early retirement.  Depression has been a constant struggle.  Suddenly, due to a family crisis in 2007, she had no option other than to take custody of her 7yo great-niece. Thrust into single-parenthood at the age of 41, she has been learning as she goes.  Despite the struggle, Lovebug (13f) has been a blessing. 

Ann - Has a Business Degree and several years management experience but was laid-off during maternity leave with her first born. Unable to find a job in her field, she started doing daycare in her home. While pregnant with #2 she was fired by the Catholic parents when she refused to have a courthouse wedding upon their discovery of her pregnancy.  Now she's a stay at home mom to 2 year old boy Thing 1 and 6 mth old girl Thing 2.  Engaged to T, to whom she'd be married to already if she was willing to spend the money on a wedding (he wants one, she doesn't, they've finally compromised on a private hand fasting with a small "reception" in his parents back yard).  He works claims at an Insurance Company where he'd make enough to get by if he wasn't losing a minimum of $400 a month in a wage garnishment to pay off defaulted student loans, on top of the $200 in monthly payments they make to keep the other loans out of default. She tells herself she'll finish her Social Work degree when the kids start school but wonders if it will ever really happen.

Guest Contributors:

"A" is a single dad and veteran, trying to make ends meet in small town USA.

"T&B" are a Christian couple trying to do right in the world and raise their 6 girls in the country, but something is always running short and bill collectors never seem to sleep. 

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